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Sliding Doors
The Acusensor 3 sets a new standard in sensing technology. It offers safer and more reliable door operation than any sensor on the market. Because of the sensor’ s superior performance ...
Sliding Doors
The Acuvision Learning Sensor provides enhanced presence sensing coverage to include the entire threshold area and movement path of the door. This unique ability to memorize the slide ...
Sliding Doors
NABCO’ s Acuzone Sensor combines infrared and microwave sensors. It’ s equipped with the NABCO Blue Zone feature to offer presence detection through the threshold when the ...
Sliding Doors
The GT1175 All Glass Sliding Door eliminates vertical framing for a sleek, contemporary look. The low-profile bottom rail allows a larger, unobstructed view that’ s perfect for ...
Curved Sliding Doors
With a wide range of configuration possibilities, the Gilgen automatic curved sliding doors can add a unique design touch to any building entrance. With carefully matched colours and ...
Folding Doors
Lack of space need not rule out convenience or style. Ideal for corridors and access points of limited width, Gilgen FFM automatic folding doors maximise the available width of passage. ...
Sliding Doors
The maximum convenience of Gilgen automatic sliding doors makes your day-to-day life easier in so many ways.
Swing Door Drive Systems
Gilgen swing-door operators automatically open and close internal doors and large, heavy externally facing doors. The Gilgen FD 20 is the most powerful and versatile operator we' ve ...
Gate - Drive Mechanisms
Space-saving, automatic, folding door leaves are the optimum solution for large door openings with vertical profiles and where there is a preponderance of glazed elements or an aesthetically ...
Gate - Drive Mechanisms
When the design of a building and its usage calls for maximum opening widths, sliding/folding doors offer an ideal good solution. The robust design of the door structure, with drive ...
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