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Automatic Sliding Door
For sliding gates weighing up to 600 kg (ROX600) and up to 1000 kg(ROX1000).
Automatic Sliding Door
For hi-speed automation of sliding gates weighing up to 250 kg (RB250HS) and up to 500 kg (RB500HS), for residential and industrial applications. 24 Vdc electromechanical gear motor. ...
Sliding Doors
The Reaction Two Sensor is designed to increase efficiency on opening all types of automatic doors. The microwave sensor provides fast detection for all automatic door installations, ...
Swing Door Drive Systems
NABCO’ s OA Edge Low Energy ADA Sensor is an affordable way to add extra pedestrian protection to low-energy swing doors. The OA Edge Low Energy ADA sensor is a bar-type sensor ...
Sliding Doors
The OA-12C Active Infrared Safety Sensor is compatible with any type of automatic door. Its amplifier and sensor heads are designed for quick and simple installation while maintaining ...
Sliding Doors
The Acuvision Learning Sensor provides enhanced presence sensing coverage to include the entire threshold area and movement path of the door. This unique ability to memorize the slide ...
Sliding Doors
The IXIO Sensor is a dual-technology sensor that uses radar technology to activate the sliding door and infrared technology for user protection. The unidirectional radar enables increased ...
Sliding Doors
The i-OneX T Sensor is perfectly suited for nearly any sliding door configuration. It can be set for unidirectional detection, which saves energy by allowing the door to close sooner. ...
Sliding Doors
NABCO’ s Acuzone Sensor combines infrared and microwave sensors. It’ s equipped with the NABCO Blue Zone feature to offer presence detection through the threshold when the ...
Sliding Doors
The Acusensor 3 sets a new standard in sensing technology. It offers safer and more reliable door operation than any sensor on the market. Because of the sensor’ s superior performance ...
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