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Sliding Doors
The GT2100 Manual Sliding Door provides room access in a full-open breakout, trackless-style unit. It’ s the ideal entrance solution for large access areas when trouble-free transport ...
Sliding Doors
The GT2125 Manual Sliding Door is a trackless-style unit that offers a fixed sidelite configuration where only the moving door panel(s) break out. The system is available in two, three, ...
Sliding Doors
The GT1175 Telescopic Sliding Door puts your mind at ease when looking for an automatic door and limited space is a concern. The GT1175 Telescopic is equipped with sensor systems that ...
Swing Door Drive Systems
The GT400 / 8400 Surface-Mounted Operator is designed to work with new or existing door installations. The operator offers proven NABCO reliability and durability, and can handle busy ...
Sliding Wall System
The Gilgen STW automatic sliding wall system provides a simple and convenient way to quickly adapt interior space. Offices, conference facilities, car show rooms, hospitality suites, ...
Sliding Doors
The NABCO GT1175 Standard Sliding Door is a high-performance entrance system that’ s the perfect solution to complement any entrance. Configurations include fixed sidelight ...
Folding Doors
Need a wide-open entrance but have limited workable space? The GT1400 Folding Door blends swinging and sliding door technology to meet any end user’ s needs. The door’ s ...
Sliding Doors
Our automatic sliding doors with a sealed panel closure system are ideal for all applications that require maximum performance in terms of hygiene, noise reduction and extra heat-insulation. ...
Automatic Sliding Door
For sliding gates weighing up to 600 kg (ROX600) and up to 1000 kg(ROX1000).
Automatic Sliding Door
For hi-speed automation of sliding gates weighing up to 250 kg (RB250HS) and up to 500 kg (RB500HS), for residential and industrial applications. 24 Vdc electromechanical gear motor. ...
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