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Sliding Doors
The maximum convenience of Gilgen automatic sliding doors makes your day-to-day life easier in so many ways.
Sliding Doors
The high-quality Swiss designed Gilgen SLX-M automatic sliding door system manages pedestrian flows with high levels of convenience, hygiene and design.   Our standard SLX-M ...
Sliding Doors
Gilgen SLX RC2/RC3 automatic doors are designed around our high quality Swiss designed SLX-M drive system combined with reinforced profile system, componentary and secure locking for ...
Sliding Doors
Gilgen < green wings > are insulated automatic doors that distinguish themselves through energy efficiency. The Gilgen SLX-M drive system, combined with the slim PST thermally ...
Sliding Doors
The state-of-the-art Gilgen SLX-M drive unit is combined with the matching PSF profile system to offer a stylish, full-glass entry solution for indoor applications such as shop-in-shop ...
Sliding Doors
Our automatic sliding doors with a sealed panel closure system are ideal for all applications that require maximum performance in terms of hygiene, noise reduction and extra heat-insulation. ...
Folding Doors
Lack of space need not rule out convenience or style. Ideal for corridors and access points of limited width, Gilgen FFM automatic folding doors maximise the available width of passage. ...
Curved Sliding Doors
With a wide range of configuration possibilities, the Gilgen automatic curved sliding doors can add a unique design touch to any building entrance. With carefully matched colours and ...
Swing Door Drive Systems
Gilgen swing-door operators automatically open and close internal doors and large, heavy externally facing doors. The Gilgen FD 20 is the most powerful and versatile operator we' ve ...
Gate - Drive Mechanisms
Our automatic gate-drive mechanisms are designed to slide, fold, turn and tip your gates – in a wide range of sizes and configurations.
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