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Gate - Drive Mechanisms
Automatic sliding doors are recommended for use in covered car-parks, aircraft hangars and industrial units with frequent opening and closing, where they also offer functional convenience ...
Gate - Drive Mechanisms
Whatever the wind or weather conditions, the Gilgen gate-drive mechanisms operate smoothly both light and heavyweight exterior gates. The Gilgen powerful drive mechanisms are designed ...
Sliding Doors
Gilgen < green wings > are insulated automatic doors that distinguish themselves through energy efficiency. The Gilgen SLX-M drive system, combined with the slim PST thermally ...
Swing Door Drive Systems
The GT600 Fire Door Operator offers state-of-the-art fire door protection. In the event of a fire emergency, the system powers down, allowing the doors to close and latch. Entry is ...
PSD Option Gap Closer
The GapCLOSER device designed by Gilgen Door Systems ensures that all the passengers can easily board and alight from the trains, even in curved stations where the situation must be ...
Gate - Drive Mechanisms
Our automatic gate-drive mechanisms are designed to slide, fold, turn and tip your gates – in a wide range of sizes and configurations.
Folding Doors
The Hurricane-Rated GT1400 is a high-impact version of our reliable, industry-leading GT1400 Folding Door. It provides a wide-open entrance when limited space is available, and has ...
Sliding Doors
The GT1175 Hurricane-Rated Sliding Door System is in a class of its own. While elegant by design, the GT1175 offers pressure ratings up to 105psf, the widest industry frame width to ...
Sliding Doors
The i-OneX T Sensor is perfectly suited for nearly any sliding door configuration. It can be set for unidirectional detection, which saves energy by allowing the door to close sooner. ...
Swing Door Drive Systems
The GT2300 ICU Manual Swing Door is an unequal panel smoke-rated ICU entrance that’ s perfect for hospital / ICU entrances with a maximum clear door opening requirement. The GT2300 ...
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