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Sliding Doors
The maximum convenience of Gilgen automatic sliding doors makes your day-to-day life easier in so many ways.
Sliding Doors
The high-quality Swiss designed Gilgen SLX-M automatic sliding door system manages pedestrian flows with high levels of convenience, hygiene and design.   Our standard SLX-M ...
Sliding Doors
Gilgen SLX RC2/RC3 automatic doors are designed around our high quality Swiss designed SLX-M drive system combined with reinforced profile system, componentary and secure locking for ...
Sliding Doors
The state-of-the-art Gilgen SLX-M drive unit is combined with the matching PSF profile system to offer a stylish, full-glass entry solution for indoor applications such as shop-in-shop ...
Sliding Doors
Our automatic sliding doors with a sealed panel closure system are ideal for all applications that require maximum performance in terms of hygiene, noise reduction and extra heat-insulation. ...
Curved Sliding Doors
With a wide range of configuration possibilities, the Gilgen automatic curved sliding doors can add a unique design touch to any building entrance. With carefully matched colours and ...
Swing Door Drive Systems
Gilgen swing-door operators automatically open and close internal doors and large, heavy externally facing doors. The Gilgen FD 20 is the most powerful and versatile operator we' ve ...
Gate - Drive Mechanisms
Whatever the wind or weather conditions, the Gilgen gate-drive mechanisms operate smoothly both light and heavyweight exterior gates. The Gilgen powerful drive mechanisms are designed ...
Gate - Drive Mechanisms
When the design of a building and its usage calls for maximum opening widths, sliding/folding doors offer an ideal good solution. The robust design of the door structure, with drive ...
Gate - Drive Mechanisms
Space-saving, automatic, folding door leaves are the optimum solution for large door openings with vertical profiles and where there is a preponderance of glazed elements or an aesthetically ...
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