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Products - Gate - Drive Mechanisms
Space-saving, automatic, folding door leaves are the optimum solution for large door openings with vertical profiles and where there is a preponderance of glazed elements or an aesthetically demanding facade design.
When the design of a building and its usage calls for maximum opening widths, sliding/folding doors offer an ideal good solution. The robust design of the door structure, with drive technology to match, offers maximum flexibility when it comes to ...
Automatic sliding doors are recommended for use in covered car-parks, aircraft hangars and industrial units with frequent opening and closing, where they also offer functional convenience and corresponding levels of security.
Automatic up-and-over doors simplify authorised access to places such as covered car-parks. They are ideal for constant use and high-frequency operation.
Whatever the wind or weather conditions, the Gilgen gate-drive mechanisms operate smoothly both light and heavyweight exterior gates. The Gilgen powerful drive mechanisms are designed for universal application, and are an ideal solution for high-frequency ...
Drive straight into your garage – regardless of rain, snow, ice, or darkness – without having to stop or get out of your vehicle. The Gilgen gate-drive mechanism allows you to complete your journey  in the safety and comfort of your ...
These drive units are specially designed to cope with limited spaces and high-frequency usage. A wide range of available functions allows doors and gates to be individually automated, while conforming to the applicable safety standards.
Our automatic gate-drive mechanisms are designed to slide, fold, turn and tip your gates – in a wide range of sizes and configurations.