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SLX-D Hermetic Sliding Door
Tentang Kami - Sliding Doors
SLX-D Hermetic Sliding Door

Our automatic sliding doors with a sealed panel closure system are ideal for all applications that require maximum performance in terms of hygiene, noise reduction and extra heat-insulation.
In hospital clean-rooms, clinics or food production facilities as well as chemical and pharmaceutical industries, tightly sealed doors are indispensable. The Gilgen SLX-D hermetically sealed automatic sliding door is the ideal choice where airtight doors and hands-free access are a top priority for guaranteeing optimal hygiene and sound-proofing for customers, patients and staff.
Our hermetically sealed sliding doors build on our classic high quality Swiss designed SLX drive system, adding our patented pivoting mechanism to prevent unwanted exchange of air as well as the penetration of foreign particles and impurities. As the doors close, the pivoting mechanism causes the door wing to be simultaneously lowered and pressed against the door frame - this lowering movement and all-round gaskets provide a hermetic seal.

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